Why it's OKAY to Buy Yourself Lingerie this Valentine's

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Around the world, thousands of feminist warriors exude a sigh of annoyance as restaurant storefronts start advertising the annual 3 main course special for two lovers on none other than Valentine's Day. Chocolate confectioners and florists rush to advertise for this Hallmark-iest of Holidays even though, it doesn't stand for a story of deep love, romance or, really much of anything but of a martyred priest in 3rd Century Rome.

Lingerie too has always been at the forefront of this strangest of Occasions, leading the consumption march up until the 14th of February every year. Yet, why is it such a crime to indulge in some gorgeous underwear? We all know the Holiday itself, unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, doesn't inspire much warm feelings but it also doesn't have to be a tale of shallow romance. We, here at Cotton & Push, see Valentine's Day as a Holiday that can be had for oneself, whether one is in a romantic engagement or not. 

If the Occassion calls for mindless spending on beautiful garments or chocolate, why not use the opportunity to indulge? (Within reason of course). Here are our FIVE reasons to splash out on Lingerie this Valentine's Day - for boys, gals and everyone alike. 


Gorgeous and well-fitted armour is ALWAYS a good gift for yourself. They always say you can't build a house without a good foundation. Well, your Lingerie is the foundation to your entire outfit? Why slum it in a 4 year old sports bra if you're pulling out all the stops with your look? When you know you're set underneath, you can let that Bad-assery shine through. 


Men - it's OKAY to buy a loved one the gift of Lingerie. We're in 2020, so it doesn't have to be suggestive. Handing over this gift does not have to translate into anything even remotely evocative. Maybe you just saw it and thought your Significant other would love it? Furthermore, even if it is laced with erotic vibes - what's the harm in that? A relationship without good natured fun is no relationship at all. 


When was the last time you actually treated yourself to some PROPER Lingerie? Some proper Powerhouse Undergarments? I bet the answer is "it's been a while"- and even if it hasn't - you've got to diversify your cupboard right? Why have one set you love when you can have two, or three?


If you're not comfortable with shelling out for yourself, why not raise awareness by investing in truly sustainable lingerie that's produced by a company that genuinely cares about the planet? Choosing us over choosing a greenwashed fast fashion retailer is one of the most powerful ways you can raise your voice on the issue. Your vote is where you spend your money and if you spend it in good places, good things will happen. Read Our Story by Clicking on the Image Below.

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Not a fan of Strappy Lingerie? No big deal! Loose, breathable and organic Nightwear is all the bloody range right now. Like the piece below, which is made from 100% Organic Cotton Lappet. Sleep like an Organic Fairy in that.