Real Women Wear Comfortable Armour

The humble bra takes its origins from the original shape wear, the corset. Much like its ancestor, the bra has not budged that far from its original form. We’ve evolved to stretch bras and sports bras of course, but what about when you want to just place your breasts on the mantelpiece that they deserve, so they can breathe, sit and stay uplifted. Oftentimes I will hear women complain about straps and their tendency to dig into your skin. I will also hear of bra wires rubbing against skin or poking the body in places the body is not supposed to be poked in.

At Cotton & Push we try to marry three main ideals – sustainability, glamour, comfort. For a start, we have chosen a pillow soft elastic that we have used across our entire range. It’s natural rubber encased in cotton. And it came in only two colours, cream and dark cream, and you know what? We celebrated that! Funnily enough, we sourced this little find from a Tutu atelier. We knew we struck gold when we found it. We did think about dyeing it to make it match every different style in our range but after a little while, the idea sounded silly. After all we celebrate natural organic cotton fibres, and the colour for us only made it seem that much more instinctive and true.

I have been asking women I know how they think their lingerie should make them feel. One woman immediately said “soft,”! “comfortable… it’s not about to rip your bum cheeks in half.” Of course she was talking about thongs and don’t we know how that can feel. Again, this only reiterates the importance of having workable fabrics and gentle elastics. Another woman passionately described her dream bra of making her feel ‘prepared’ and ‘protected,’ like ‘body armour’ she said.

How often have you put on an ill fitting bra just to moan about it the entire evening? Too often I’d bet. Same here, but this isn’t about fit…fit you are in control of. This is about structure and materials. We use soft to the touch fabrics and accessories, completely kind to earth and kind to your skin in the process. The goal is to wear our lingerie and to not realise it’s there.

Lingerie and underwear should not be a chore. They should be your absolute FAVOURITE thing to put on your body. Don’t settle for wrong fits, wide cups, rubbing straps or itchy fabrics. And here is the secret to beautiful body armour. Femininity, toughness, but to remain light as a feather, soft as a husky, but still sensual,  kind of like you. This is simply what we do and we have striven to make the perfect garments for you, the unstop-ably beautiful people of the world. Click Here to shop the collection now.

Sources: Stills taken from viewing on Netflix. Stills only taken for illustration purposes only and not to be sold as separate from source material.