Proudly Vegan

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian, we believe that eliminating animal products from your life is a positive and necessary change. Most forget that animal products aren’t just present in the ingredients you cook with but mundane everyday objects, technology and of course, clothing.

There is a lot of buzz humming over “peace silk” or “ahimsa silk” these days. This is where the cocoons are processed without killing the pupae inside. Traditionally, the insects are boiled for their silk to be harvested, or even baked. Although on the surface peace silk appears to be a step in the right direction, there are several reasons why we have opted out of using the fibre. Firstly, we believe that, despite titles and separate production processes, there is no tangible way to regulate this closely enough to assure no harm has come to the insects. Secondly, whilst the caterpillar that spins the cocoon might be safe from culling as it has been allowed the chance to be hatched beforehand, its offspring are not safe, with each fertilised female moth laying approximately 400 eggs. These eggs are not tended to or protected. They will hatch and without refrigeration or prompt feeding, all eventually perish.

That’s a lot of gruesome detail to describe one fabric, but thankfully, cotton, bamboo and Tencel are all entirely plant based with no sacrifice or potentially risky practices necessary. Why should natural products contain animals anyway? Click here to view the entire range.