My Four Favourite Thrift Store Finds and How I wear Them

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Second Hand Clothing

When I found out about the environmental impact fast fashion has on our planet, I decided to change the way I thought about clothes. There was something liberating about not having to satisfy that urge to "get something new for the weekend" anymore - it just went away. I realised that you could still achieve that lovely "new item" feeling when thrift shopping and it was more fun - you had to hunt for something that would illuminate your personality, a conversation piece perhaps too.

Without further ado, here are my favourite found treasures:

1) The Black Wide Bowler Hat

Black Wide Bowler Hat

She is a new purchase, and one I am very glad I made. Hanging on a coat rack in my local Sue Ryder, I thought at first it was a bit too suave for me. I'm glad I built the confidence to wear it in the end. I pair this with skinny jeans and a tank top, or a midi dress and heels. To be honest, this hat just turns every outfit into a cooler, effortless outfit and so I wear it for the right occasions.

2) The 80's Fitted Ralph Lauren Shirt (for men)

80's Raplh Lauren Shirt

My future mother in law incidentally bought this shirt for my fiance. He himself was in the midst of buying used Ralph Lauren pieces on Ebay for himself. Someone seems to have tailored this shirt at the back though because my ex rugby playing soon to be husband could not button up the chest buttons. Oh well, "what a dissapointment" was what I told him, but of course I was ecstatic to claim this oversized little beauty for myself. Items like these I think pair well with petite shorts for a nice contrast of baggy vs tight, or again, a skinny jean or the right pencil skirt.

3) The Antique Monsoon Waistcoat

Vintage Monsoon Waistcoat

Ignore my very awkward arms. Safe to say I'd never pursue a career in modelling but I do LOVE this fitted embroidered cotton waistcoat from Monsoon. A lucky find on Ebay, I snatched it in an auction for only £4. This little baby can be worn with skirts, jeans but I love it with a baggy but cropped smart trouser and potentially a peasant white bloude underneath (for when it gets chillier). The best thing about this piece is that even I can just about pull it off with quite a large breast size, a rare treat for those of us who part button gaps in tops like it's our job!

4) The Lingerie worn as a Cami

Vintage Lingerie Blouse

I remember back in 2004 when all the celebrities started wearing lace embellished silk camis like they were going out of fashion. Appropriated from the style of the 20's originally, pieces like this still exist as they are incredibly flattering. This piece however is a piece of genuine lingerie. Again I found this in my local Sue Ryder. Paired with a high rise skirt or trouser, this could create a killer look. If it's a little risque for your taste a silky cardigan could tone it down or perhaps a knitted one to keep you warm in winter.

Second hand shopping is definitely on the rise, and what a lovely trend to see grow in front of our eyes. Clothes are indeed items to treasure, not wear and throw away. We tried very hard to apply the same ethos to our own brand, Cotton & Push, making every piece accessible, stylish, and built to wear for some time. Indeed, if you can save a tonne of clothing from our overburdened landfills and look killer doing it, why not do just that?!

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