9 Things to Remember During Lockdown

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A few days into the lockdown, we are at the mercy of seeing what our internet friends get up to almost daily. We see their arts and crafts, their creative cooking, the workout challenges they are smashing and sending round in a bid to keep their own frends active and sane.

We already compare our lives to the lives we see when mindlessly scrolling through our phone, so why would this be any different? Indeed everyone will have a different indoor experience and different goals they set themselves. Not to mention, if you're one of the many that has been exposed to the outbreak, you will be feeling like cr*p in comparison to most of the people you know. You can't get in a successful workout when your temperature is bouncing around like a yo-yo, or you find yourself out of breath doing the most mundane and unchallenging activities.

Here are 9 things to remember during Lockdown:

1) A lot of people are encouraging us to spend time with family virtually, and while this may be uplifting at times, the cicrumstances we find ourselves in can leave us feeling a bit drained, cabin fever-ed and lethargic. It’s okay to postpone these dates till a time when you’re really up for them. It doesn’t make you a bad person. At the end of the day, we probably have months of this to live through, so there’s no rush. Your family and friends will be there tomorrow.

2) Same goes for over new achievements or skills. Sure, you DO have much more time now to learn a new language, or learn to code – but the situation doesn’t dictate that you HAVE to. Don’t let the suggestion command how you choose to spend your time.

3) Spending 99% of my time within the confines of my own home, I have discovered that binge (or, more accurately, boredom eating) is a real phenomenon that can seldom be controlled by our sheer will. Having cake for breakfast is okay, and so is eating 4 meals a day or even 5. This isn’t forever, and sometimes it takes more than one government permitted jog to ditch the extra pounds. If you gain a little weight during this lockdown, that’s OKAY – it doesn’t define you.

4) Use this time as an opportunity, not a hindrance. It’s a great chance to plan for the future and set up your next steps so that when the world is ready for you, you can slay.

5) Lockdown = Prime time to Take. Care. Of. Yourself! What better time to paint your nails all the colours of the rainbow, or take a daily bath? What? No one will judge you.

6) More than anything, this pause represents a break from steamrolling life. The mental health benefits need to considered here. You get a break from everything in order to really and truly get your thoughts in order, to assess your life and align your priorities. For anyone with control issues or anxiety, this opportunity is once in a lifetime. Instead of learning to centre yourself amongst the noise, This is your time to pause, to breathe, while the world breathes with you.

7) Appreciate the people you live with. Yes I mean it. You may not be able to choose your family, and your significant other may begin to grate on your nerves, but they are most likely your lifeline too. If you live alone, you may want to reflect on the unspoken and unappreciated serenity of alone time.

8) That being said, we live in an age of technology, so it’s never too late to reach out to old friends. The one good thing about apocalyptic type situations, those friends are probably feeling the same way. Everybody is yearning to check in and re-connect, and that’s a beautiful and powerful thing. Unlock it.

9) A tried and tested way to feel better when you’re stuck at home? Get ready even though you have no-where to be. Wear your good clothes, wear your good lingerie. Use code STAYATHOME20 to get 20% off our entire collection for as long as these troubling times last.

Happy Shopping and Stay safe all!

Lots of Love,

Cotton & Push,