cotton bras

When shopping for undergarments, baby-dolls and comfort bras we noticed one thing... they were all made from synthetic fabrics. I often dreaded putting on a bra first thing in the morning and that was because I had dermatitis and eczema. Sadly I did not grow out of it like everyone promised me I would. My name is Alina.

Whenever I fastened a cheap bra to my body I recounted the advice my dermatologist gave me when I was 12, “You should only wear cotton,” she said. “Cotton is the only thing that will not react to your skin.”

Alas finding a cotton bra that wasn’t destined for the back of the racks seemed impossible. Could one ever feel sexy and truly comfortable at the same time?

That’s how Cotton & Push Started. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough getting here. Turns out there is a reason most commercial lingerie is made from synthetic fibres such as rayon, acrylic or polyester. It’s easy to work with. Natural fabrics are tricky, they’re stubborn, but they are oh so beautiful.

cotton bras

We were determined to pair nature with style and to use pure materials to handcraft all our garments here in the UK. Cotton & Push is a proudly ethically thinking company. We aim to challenge the status quo of garment production and be the change that is so desperately needed in the fashion industry. The process behind our product is very important to us and we aim to do good all around, for the planet, and for people, whether it be supporting local manufacturers in the UK or organic cotton farmers in Kerala.

cotton bras

What’s inside that counts

Have you ever wondered how your bra moulds to your body? The cupped bra will typically use cushy lined cups, which are usually made of polyester due to its ease of application and ability to hold shape. We scoured the market to find natural bras with a softer filling.

To this day we have not found one. We decided to make it ourselves.

Our Champagne Sundays bra is made of 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton wadding, or batting if you prefer. It's the stuff you use to make duvets. It’s smooth and retains the shape of the cup.

It’s also completely natural, from its weight to its texture, even down to the little specks that naturally occur in the yarn. We like to think of it as a little duvet for your bosom.

cotton bras

Chemical free crops

Cotton and Push works closely with just two suppliers of organic fabrics and does not purchase any fibre that is not either GOTS or OEKO Tex Certified. In short, these certifications set the precedent for the production of the fabrics with focus on environmental and social criteria.

For example, no pesticides are used in the growing of the cotton yarn we use in our lingerie. This means that villages and communities where the growing takes place are not at risk from the health detriments of toxic chemical pesticides. The farmers are supported every step of the way too and get to earn a genuine living wage to support their families.


We also use bamboo fibres that are produced in a closed loop system, minimising use of resources needed to produce the final product.

cotton bras

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